Saturday, August 29, 2009

New Songs Released

Finally I have finished uploading all old my tracks and can now start uploading new ones. First up are 5 completely new tracks from 2009. Enjoy!


Genre: Xenobreaks! (Darkstep /Drum & Bass )
Length: 4:08
Dark Furious Breaks Xenostyle! I don't know what genre to put this in, its not really Darkstep, and possible not even DnB. `,:,´

Evil God

Genre: Ambient / Chanting
Length: 4:37
Comments: Post Religious Chant from the Temple of the Godless. <`\,,/´>

Ikiverisen Taivaan Maa

Genre: Breakbeat
Length: 4:03
Comments: Another Xenostyle Breakbeat track, slightly inspired by C64 SID music.

Under A Smiling Moon

Genre: Exotic Fantasy
Length: 3:25

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  1. Thanks! i like Ikiverisen Taivaan Maa and Antihuman. The other's.... not much...

  2. Yeah, that's my favorite among those tunes as well. Thanks for the comment.