Saturday, August 2, 2014

LUCID VSTI For KVR Developer Challenge 2014 Released

Lucid VSTI is a free VSTI made for KVR DC14, check out info, videos and music below.

Download Lucid VST

Lucid is a Subtractive Synth that combines Waveshaping with FM and Morphing.


3 Oscillators with one waveshaper each.
3 different FM modes (Algorithms).
4 different Osc combination modes. Mix, Morph, Meld and Vertical Morph.
1 ZDF Filter with 6 different modes.
3 LFOs with Audio rate modes of which two can be waveshaped.
2 ADSRs with adjustable slopes, Velocity control, randomization and Keytracking.
1 Polyphonic distortion (waveshaper).
1 Delay that can be modulated.
1 Reverb.
1 Randomizer, key triggered or run by LFO3.
384 presets.

Lucid Mp3 Demo

KVR Developer Challenge 2014

Lucid VSTI @ KVR