Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Dying Legend (Album)

This Xenobioz album is a collection of songs in a style Xenobioz himself likes to call fantasy.
Its music inspired by classical and folk music. But most of all it is music that is meant to be related to Fantasy books, movies and games.

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1 A Dying Legend free download 4:26
2 Aphelion free download 3:21
3 Dungeon Mines free download 4:18
4 Elvenhide free download 3:19
5 Exile free download 2:05
6 Fuin Lamath free download 4:51
7 He Who Forever Walks Alone free download 3:37
8 Lapis Lazuli free download 4:01
9 On an Adventure free download 2:38
10 Tales by the Fire free download 3:08

Posthuman (Album)

Posthuman is a dark & futuristic Drum & Bass album. Some of the songs might be labeled as Trancestep and are a lot more melodic than some DnB songs can be. The focus is not on some simple 2 note bassline. It is on more complex basslines accompanied by evil or dark melodies. The title song Posthuman is one of the most popular songs made by Xenobioz.

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1 Posthuman free download 3:41
2 Dustworld free download 4:55
3 One Step Ahead free download 4:28
4 Intrusion free download 3:52
5 Sciborg free download 5:20
6 Transgenic free download 4:00
7 Patterns In Chaos free download 3:22
8 Antinode free download 3:53
9 Cyenz free download 3:57

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Xenobioz on & skydrive

You can now download most of Xenobioz tracks @ or skydrive
The old problem with a underscore on the file extension @ skydrive is fixed.