Monday, September 20, 2004


Genre: House
Length: 2:43
Info: Originally started as a remix of  "Skyward Fire" from the game "Unreal Tournament".  
Updated:  2009
Download Zumthang.mp3

Sunday, September 19, 2004

One Step Ahead

Genre: Drum & Bass
Length: 4:29
Updated:  2009
Download One Step Ahead.mp3

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Patterns In Chaos

Released: 2004
Genre: Drum & Bass
Length: 3:22
Download Patterns In Chaos.mp3

Feedback &Comments

Comment:     Hi Xenobios, I really liked the string-kind sounds backing up your track, as well as the layers. What I could mention is, that all elements start somewhere and stay there: If you imagine a soundscape as kind of a panoramic thing, the layers as the beats are placed static and don't move, neither in EQing or speaking in terms of front or back or dynamic. Could really polish that tune up by varying the seting of such chacteristics / attributes a bit. But just a suggestion, CHeers, gobot
Author:     gobot

Comment:     Pure Xenobioz - Pure pleasure ;)
Author:     magmavander

Comment:     nice xeno, if you were to add more fx slides/brk changes this could be powerful ! ... nice pad at the beginning :)
Author:     nool

Comment:     niec atmostphere i think the chorus and stuff could half more dynamics .. and the highs are a bit piercing..
Author:     sunny