Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Lynx 1.05 available

Lynx version 1.05 has been released.

Added Loop fit FM Modifier
Fixed LFO Reset
Host preset browser support

New presets available on my Patreon page.

Here is the list of the new presets you can get.
BL Belfegor
BL Belfegor2
BL Belfegor3
BL LynxBells
BL Metallophone2
BL Vibraphone
BL Xylophone2
BL Xylophone3
BOW Cello3
BOW CelloMono
BOW OfBowsAndCellos
BOW OfBowsAndStrings
Bow Reverbophilic
BS Bowpluck
CH Glitchy
CH Hacked
FL NorthernFlute
FL Overnay
FL TheShire
FL Weirdo
FX Alarm
FX Aquabird
FX BoulderDash
FX Encrypted
FX RipplingCreekPad
KB Klavibalo
KB SoaringKeys
LD DirtyMechanism
LD Explogsaw
LD Hoovac
LD SuperSaw
ORG Chamberlin
ORG Chiff
ORG Electrocuter
ORG Mogwai
ORG Nether
PAD GlossyBreath
PAD WetCave
PC Gabberkick
PC Gabberkick2
PC Hihat
PC JungleGhost
PC JungleSnare
PC KickBright
PC KickBright2
PC KickBright3
PC KickBright4
PC KickBright5
PC KickBright6
PC LectroSnare
PC Percorgan
PC Timpani
PC Timpani2
PD CrossingOver
PL Breathy
PL CausticLute
PL Flares
PL Physism3
PL SuperSawStab
PL Zibilanz
STR Xollywood2
Sy Eschatophonic
SY HardSyncer
SY Siphon
VOX Synthvox
WI FreeReed3
WI Harmonical
WI MutedTrump
WI OtherWind
WI Tremoreed
Get the presets from

Download Lynx 1.05

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