Monday, April 15, 2013

Funxion VSTI Released

Funxion VSTI is a Hybrid Synthesizer with user definable functions for waveforms and distortion.


3 oscillators with standard VA and custom waveshapes using mathematical functions
Oscillators have FM, Syncing, and different Morph modes 
3 LFOs
3 ADSRS with Keytracking ADSR time gets faster with higher notes.
A Randomizer that changes value constantly or on every triggered note.
Multimode Filter with 13 different filter types
Distortion with user definable waveshaping using mathematical functions
A delay for physical modeling and FX


  1. Very cool. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Added alternative download link.

  3. how do I install it?

    1. Extract all the files to the Folder where all you VSTIs are. When you run the VST for the first time it should make a subfolder with some files. If that doesn't happen you might need to run the host as administrator or something like that.

  4. I was shaken but not stirred,you know who I Nyam.

  5. The manual says that you can distribute without profit, does that mean if I make music including this plug-in I can't sell it?

  6. Thanks, that's a good question!

    What is written in the manual about distribution is regarding the Funxion VSTI itself.
    So you are free to do whatever you like with any song you created with Funxion.

    Tell me when you make a hit with it! ;)