Sunday, October 24, 2010

Pathogen (Album)

Pathogen is an album with songs that are mostly inspired by the Breakbeat genre. The focus though is not necessarily on breaks but also on melodies and chord progressions. So if you like breaks but want good base & lead lines together with nice chord progressions. The this album is for you!

Download the full album with artwork in a single zip @ Storegate. 
Download individual tracks from pathogen @ skydrive
Download or stream the album at or from the links below

A collapsing Star free download 4:05
2 21st Century Art free download 2:22
3 Break Out! free download 3:10
4 Peripheral free download 2:44
5 Forsaken by Eternity free download 4:15
6 U-Rad free download 2:22
7 Electronic Warfare free download 3:28
8 Time Dilation free download 3:30
9 Viron free download 3:33
10 Time Dilation Part 2 free download 3:27
11 Pathogen free download 3:56

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